Fishing Peacock Bass In Puerto Rico

Looking to adventure in the Caribbean? There's no better way to explore the island of Puerto Rico than going fishing with friends and family!

Fishing is a fun and exciting way to spend the day outside and anglers from all over the world travel to the island to fish for exotic species such as the ever so popular peacock bass.

Peacock bass are a beautiful and unique South American fish that have been introduced to many parts of the world. While these beautiful fish look similar to largemouth bass, and are just as much fun to catch, they are actually Cichlids from the same family as Tilapia.

peacock bass

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Where To Find Peacock Bass Around San Juan?

In Puerto Rico, peacock bass can be found in many different lakes and rivers.

One of the best places to fish for peacock bass on the island is at Lake Cerrillos. This large lake is located near the city of San Juan and home to many different species of fish, including the peacock bass. Many people travel here just to fish for these bass!

Another great place to fish for peacock bass is in the Rio Grande de Loiza. This river is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico and is one of the most popular fishing spots in the country. The Rio Grande is known for its clear water and different aquatic species. The peacock bass are just one of the many different fish that can be found in this river.

How To Fish For Peacock Bass

If you know how to fish for largemouth bass the process is pretty similar but these fish prefer live baits and lures that imitate fish rather than soft plastic worms used for largies.

No matter what type of bait you use, it is important to fish in an area where there are plenty of peacock bass. These fish are not afraid to travel long distances to find food. As a result, they can be found in many different parts of Puerto Rico.

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Wrapping Up

Fishing for peacock bass can be a lot of fun. These fish are large and aggressive, and they put up a good fight. It's said that a peacock bass half the size of a largemouth will fight twice as hard. If you are looking for a fun and exciting fishing trip, then you should consider coming to Puerto Rico and fishing for peacock bass.