How to get your internet turned on in San Juan, Puerto Rico

There are a ton of internet option in San Juan, we collected them here to help you figure out which is best for you.

With fiber lines as low as 70$ a month and an installation fee (300$) that can be waived with a two year obligation in contract, this option is the best for speed and reliability for the cost. The problem with Optico will be with it's availability, so sign up for a waiting list to opt in to it's future networks. It's coverage is constantly advancing so don't hesitate to look at your new home and see if it's already a part of the Optico Fiber Network.

Reliable broadband internet with plans including internet, television, and phone lines. Basic 90Mbps internet as low as 58$ a month with up to 500Mbps for only 170$ per month. Available all over San Juan and has useful customer service agents.

We hope this information was useful for you in getting setup with a reliable internet service here in San Juan!