How to find an apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico

These are just the main sites you can go to search for apartment rentals. In Puerto Rico, many people also still do it the old school way and put up a “For Rent” sign on the available property or unit, well in Puerto Rico’s case, “Se Aquila.”

Finding an apartment can be fun and stressful at the same time. Down here in Puerto Rico, it can be challenging, especially for expats. There has been a large uptick in migration to Puerto Rico since the COVID Pandemic and we wanted to help ease some of the burden involved in moving to a new place. Apartments are getting harder and harder to find so we have some resources where you can find apartment or house rentals.

A great collection of rentals in the San Juan area catering to all kinds of prices and styles of home.

A local alternative to craigslist the hosts among many other essential items a large collection of homes and condos for rent.

An active place for buying and selling all sorts of items that also has listings for apartments for rent in San Juan.

Not as active as some people may be used to in the states, but still hosts a collection of apartments to check out.

Usually a small collection of higher end listings.

Usually a small collection of higher end listings.

I hope these resources prove to be fruitful. We wish you luck on your apartment search!