MADMi - Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar

MADMi - Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar Miramar Museum of Art and Design. MADMi is an interactive space that aspires to generate ambitious, relevant projects that foster art-making and creativity and have a positive impact on our community. The museum has been made possible by the generosity and vision of the Titín Foundation and the Eduardo Méndez Bagur Foundation. can be found at 607 Calle Cuevillas San Juan PR 00907
The Pink House, at Calle Cuevillas 607, was built in 1913 as the residence of Judge Luis Méndez Vaz and his wife, María Bagur. Inspired by a visit to Europe, the couple undertook construction of their home in the French Neoclassical Revival style, and in doing so they enriched the already diverse architectural presence of the Miramar neighborhood. Later, one of their sons, Eduardo Méndez Bagur, purchased the house to live in. In his will, Don Eduardo left the house, which had been his home for most of his life, to the community of Miramar. The house has become an icon of the neighborhood and especially for the artistic community, having served as a residence and studio for renowned Puerto Rican artists such as Lorenzo Homar, Juan Ramón Velázquez, Ada Bobonis, and Aaron Salabarrías. For more than twenty years, the Luis Méndez Vaz and María Bagur Foundation, Inc., has dedicated its resources to the reconstruction, development, and administration of the Pink House.